TigerStop TigerRip 1000 - NEW!

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Brand: TigerStop
Model: TigerRip 1000
Stock Number: TR1000

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Dynamic Optimization at the rough mill.
TigerRip 1000™ is the lean, rip first, add-on solution for your rough mill needs. This straight line rip saw solution can be purchased as an entire turn-key system, or can be retrofit to your existing saw, giving you the benefits of much larger and expensive systems.

TigerRip 1000™ allows you to bring lean manufacturing to the rough mill. Using TigerStop's Dynamic Optimization algorithms, TigerRip 1000 mathematically finds the best use of your material and keeps track of all the material ripped, letting you build-to-order without needing to keep a buffer inventory. Saving you inventory costs, space, and wasted labor.

TigerStop TigerRip 1000
TigerStop TigerRip 1000

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Add-on Components:

  • TigerRip1000 optimizing and positioning in-feed system
  • Integratred straight line rip saw
  • Return Conveyor


  • TigerRip1000 System: includes all three components, creating a fully integrated system out of the box (pictured at right)
  • TigerRip1000 - In Feed With Saw: includes the TigerRip 1000 in feed system and the saw, excludes return conveyor
  • TigerRip1000 - In Feed Only: includes the TigerRip 1000 in feed system and integrates with your existing saw.

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