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BeltsSawGear Belts


The SawGear has two belts: a small drive belt in the power head, and a much larger belt in the measuring bar. This is the larger belt.

Part # Working Length Overall Length Price
SB08-AT5 8' 10' $660
SB12-AT5 12' 14' $980
SB16-AT5 16' 18' $1,230

Bench Mount Bracket Set

The bench mount brackets allow you to attach the SawGear aluminum extrusion measuring bar to your tables of choice. Because we don't know what material the bracket will be mounted on, fasteners are not included. Please note that BR-BM is a set of two bench mount brackets.
Part #: BR-BM
Price: $50

Crown Molding FootSawGear Crown Molding Foot

Specially designed for cutting crown, baseboard, and trim.
Part #: SG-CMF
Price: $130

EncoderSawGear Encoder

The rotary encoder works with SawGear only. The SawGear Encoder Cable is included.
Part #: ENC-SG
Price: $470

Encoder Cable
TS Motor Encoder Cable

This cable connects the SawGear motor to the circuit board inside the power head.
Part #: ENCC-SG
Price: $50

Flip AwaySawGear Flip Away

The SawGear Flip Away is the external portion of the SawGear carriage. It holds the stop bar and is hinged so it can be lifted out of the way.

Part #: SG-FS
Price: $160

Keypad MembraneSawGear Keypad Membrane

SawGear replacement keypad membrane.

Part #: SG-KPM
Price: $155

Locking HandleSawGear Locking Handle

Locking Handles for SawGear Flip Away.

Part #: LH-SG
Price: $20

Measuring Bar Pulley AssemblySawGear Measuring Bar Pulley

SawGear measuring bar pulley assembly.

Part #: MB-P
Price: $200

Power HeadSawGear Power Head

The SawGear power head is the control electronics and drive system for a SawGear stop gauge. It can be quickly transferred between measuring beams.

It is necessary to specify the machine serial number when ordering a new SawGear power head. Without the serial number, this item will not ship.

Part #: SG-PH
Price: $1,955

Power Head Drive BeltSawGear Power Head Drive Belt

The SawGear has two belts: a small drive belt in the power head and a much larger belt in the measuring bar. This is the small drive belt

Part #: SG-DB
Price: $45

Replacement MotorSawGear Replacement Motor

This replacement SawGear motor includes the SawGear Measuring Bar Pulley Assembly (MB-P).

Part #: SG-MOT
Price: $495

Stop BarSawGear Stop Bar

The SawGear stop bar comes standard with every SawGear order. The stop bar is used to position material accurately for processing. Type in your desired length, press start, and place material against the stop bar for repeatable accuracy.

Part #: SG-SB
Price: $75

Table LegSawGear Table leg

One table leg for a SawGear portable table. SawGear table legs are easily set up and adjusted so you can quickly maneuver from the shop to the job site.

Part #: SG-TFLG
Price: $340

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