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TigerStop automated wet saw demonstration

Original Saw logoAmerica's Best Radial Arm Saws - available through John G. Weber Co., Inc.
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Viet logo

Watch the Viet R2 in action as it sands metal. Can also be used for wood.

Knuth Machine Tools logoPlasma Specials

Kuth will display 8 machines at FABTECH 2019 in November in Chicago. Included is the all-new fiber laser - the ACE Laser - with 5'x10' table and integrated pallet changer, IPB 2KW fiber laser, Precitec cutting head, TEKA exhaust, and a very user friendly control from Cypcut. Introductory pricing starts at $200,000.

Kuth will also display best sellers for every fab shop - waterjet, shear, ironworker, miter bandsaw, hydraulic press, drill press, and belt grinder.

Knuth PW-Cut1530
Knuth PW-Cut 1530

At this time, plasma systems are on sale. Starting at $19,999 for a 5'x10' machine with Hypertherm power supply - the PW-Cut 1530 is a great addition to any shop. See the video.

Introducing the NEW PMI-CNC 18 MDS Auto Sawing
and Machining Center...

High-speed sawing and machining of aluminum and other non-ferrous materials quickly - in a single setup

PMI CNC 18MDS Auto Sawing & Machining Center

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Doringer Model D-350 Circular Metal Cold Saw
Doringer Model D-300 Circular Metal Cold Saw
DD300 Product Page

Doringer Model D-350 Circular Metal Cold Saw
Doringer Model D-350 Circular Metal Cold Saw
DD350 Product Page

Denison 10-ton Hydraulic Multipress
Denison  10-ton Hydraulic Press
W-223 Product Page

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