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Lift Products 2G-3G Lift Tables

2G and 3G Lift Tables

The G-Series Lift Tables have been designed as an economical solution for light duty applications. Available with 2,000 & 3,000 lb. capacities, The G-Series table can improve productivity and reduce injuries by placing loads at an ergonomic work height.

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Lift Products Guardian Lift Table

Guardian Series Lift Tables

Guardian Series lift tables are designed as a work station to provide improved ergonomic conditions to ensure the health, safety and comfort of the operator together with improved productivity.

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Liftr Products Max-M22 table

Max-M22 Lift Table

The Max-M22 ergonomic scissor lift table incorporates all the popular features of the time-tested Max-Lift premium lift table into an economical quality lift table that competes handily with lower priced tables on the market.

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Lift Products Max-Lift Table

Max-Lift Tables

The MAX-Lift is a superior scissors lift table currently offered in the 2,000 - 6,000 lb capacity range with a vertical travel range from 24" to 60" and can satisfy most applications.

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Roto-Max work table by Lift Products

Roto-Max Work Positioner

The Roto-Max electric hydraulic work positioner places the load where the operator would like the work load positioned, allowing complete flexibility to do the ergonomically safest job with maximum efficiency.

Whether the load is one pound or 3,500 pounds, the positioner height does not change until the individual wants it to change. With a lowered height of only 6.5", the operator has easy access to the top layer of product. The raised height of 32.5" (plus pallet height) is ideally suited for most applications.

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