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JLT Clamps Presents:

An all new video series from JLT Clamps to highlight machinery features and frequently asked questions. Features include discussions with woodworking professionals who use JLT Clamps.

Episode 1 JLT Trident Pin system for fast, easy, and accurate changeovers.

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Entry Door Clamp – #79K-10

48″ x 120″ Capacity for Solid Wood Entry Doors


  • Removable vertical center rail for multiple cabinet door squaring
  • Attached vertical center rail to clamp (2) 48″ x 56″ cabinet doors side by side
  • (4) vertical and (2) horizontal pneumatic clamps with 2500# of clamping pressure per clamp
  • Space-saving upright design with a 60-degree vertical working angle

Machine Footprint: 145″L x 70″H x 50″W

Special Heavy Duty Entry Door Clamp – #79K-10-SP

60″ x 144″ Capacity

Same features as the 79K-10, but specialized for large metal frames and windows


JLT 717A Cabinet Door Clamp

Cabinet Door Clamp – #717A

  • 26″ x 62″ maximum capacity
  • Minimum 9″ clamping capacity
  • (2) second squaring of stile and rail cabinet doors
  • Precise and accurate squaring guaranteed
  • Includes (2) vertical clamps & (1) horizontal clamp
  • Easy to use, single lever operation
  • 15 Degree Working Angle

Machine Footprint: 86″L x 50″H x 36″W

Heavy-Duty Drawer Clamp – #190B-M3

  • Newly designed heavy duty pneumatic drawer clamp
  • Successful clamping & squaring for Dovetail & Doweled Drawer boxes
  • 10″ x 24″ x 36″ maximum capacity
  • Pneumatic foot pedal operation
  • Dual fast-acting horizontal pneumatic clamps with a 2″ stroke
  • Aluminum Side Pressure Plates Provide a Solid, Flat Clamping Surface
  • Quick Adjusting Roller Carriage Eliminates Set-up for Faster Changeovers
  • Produce up to 3000# of clamping force at 100PSI

Machine Footprint: 70″L x 60″H x 36″W

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