SCHMALZ JUMBO Vacuum Tube Lifters
     Special Grippers in Many Different Shapes and Sizes
SCHALMZ has developed and standardized many special vacuum heads. There are even mechanical grippers for the JUMBOS. This permits the dynamic lifting power of the Vacuum Tube Lifters to be combined with the advantages of mechanical grippers.
with KLT Box Gripper
with CRT Gripper
JUMBO SPRINT made of stainless steel, fitted with vacuum head for butter/cheese.
JUMBO Pallet Fork System
     Pneumatic Swivelling Unit PSE
With the aid of the pneumatic swivelling unit PSE, work pieces such as wooden sheets, stones, metal sheets or panes of glass can be swiveled 90° from the horizontal position to the vertical position (or vice versa).
  • Suitable for workpieces weighing up to 264 lbs.
  • Simple and ergonomic operation directly from the operator handle
  • Lower overall height provides more flexibility
    in handling operations.
  • Pneumatic venting valve simplifies release of the work piece in any desired position
  • Protection against incorrect operator actions prevents inadvertent release of the load
  • Large-area vacuum grippers exceed the current
    safety requirements
  • Very short swivelling times
  • Can be stopped at any position within the
    swivelling range
  • Wide range of vacuum grippers