Automated CNC programmable measuring system with
30 - 40% more from your saw

Do you utilize:

Flip stops?
Quick set positioning?
Pin locations?
Hand measuring?

For the first time there's an easy solution for stop positioning. Your machine operator will be more productive utilizing less labour and raw material than ever before.


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  • Measuring mistakes eliminated
  • Any dimension can be input, stop positioned and cut in less than 2 seconds
  • Your most popular dimensions can be preset for one stroke access
  • Able to be linked to computer generated cutting lists
  • CNC doesn't need to be expensive. TigerFence and TigerCrossCut are easy on your cheque book, paying for themselves in just a few short months. You'll appreciate greatly reduced waste and improved accuracy 1270mm usable width for ripping (extended ranges up to 1778mm available)
  • Easy to learn and simply to use

Can be installed on most saws including -

Altendorf, Bauerle, Casadei, Chambon, Delta, Ema, Forma, Giben, Griggo, Grizzely, Holzher, Jet, Kamro, Kufo, Laguna, Lazzari, Lobo, Martin, Minimax, Panhans, Paolini, Powermatic, Robland, Rojek, SAC, SCM, Stema, Watkin and many other brands



  • Constant repeatability of +/- 0.08mm accuracy
  • Programmable for auto shift and end sawing activities
  • Inter-linked, programmable pushing functions
  • P.C. Compatible
  • Controller where you really need it
  • Input feet, inches, fractions, decimal inches and metric
  • Electronic zero pint calibration
  • Flip stops to allow easy trim cuts for cross cutting
  • Advanced program features such as kerf compensation, increment function and cut list programming
  • Easily detachable and easy to adjust for perfect alignment with saw blade
  • Up to 3150mm working range for cross cutting
  • Integrated board support
  • 1270mm usable width for ripping (extended ranges up to 1778mm available)
  • Set point mode
  • Pattern mode



  • For standard and sliding table saws
  • With the TigerFence you can get 30 - 40% more from your saw repeatability and accuracy you've never had before
  • The 300mm rip you make today will be the same one you cut a month or a year from now
  • Robust design will ensure years of quality production







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