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Eliminate Setup Time
Stop Throwing Away Usable Material
Eliminate Miscuts (repeatable accuracy +/- 0.004")
Virtually Eliminate Rework
Increase Productivity
Reduce Labor Costs

What Is TigerStop
  TigerStop is the affordable, programmable digital stop and push feed system you have been looking for!
   The position can be input in the method of your choice: standard or metric with fraction, decimal, feet, inches. It is available in multiple languages. The controler computes the input and displays the position in standard or metric. It's a pusher and a stop.
TigerStop is a replacement for your manual stop system on almost any machine that is currently equipped with a manual positioning stop or needs a stop system. Saws, drilling equipment, notchers, punch presses, shears, brakes, assembly equipment, you name it, TigerStop is a simple way to automate the positioning requirements for all of these and many more.
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What Can
TigerStop Do?

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TigerStop can make your production quicker, more accurate, and you will be throwing fewer mistakes away. You'll be saving money every day.
TigerStop is the solution to many of the requirements of modern manufacturing. If you must build orders one at a time, do custom or flexible manufacturing, TigerStop can become an integral part of the solution. With its simple human interface it allows for simple changeovers from one process to the next. Custom shutters, custom cabinets, small and varied punch runs for sheet metal, boring patterns for railings, you name it, it can all be accomplished with TigerStop.

Can TigerStop


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Built into TigerStop is the ability to take over the function of your machine tool. TigerStop can control your machine tool, save programs, and do certain kinds of defect optimizations. TigerStop has many special programs that are designed to handle many common and not so common applications in the manufacturing processes.TigerStop is the solution for simple, low cost automation.
Easy to use add-on software permits TigerStop to be programmed to control several tools in a linear application. For example, you are building custom ladders and you want to set up a machine for cutting to length, boring, and notching the rails on the ladder. This is a simple operation for TigerStop with an automatic cut-off saw, a cross notching router on a slide controlled by a pneumatic cylinder, and a pneumatic boring head. All three of these tools work in concert with and are controlled by TigerStop in this fashion: First, you place a piece of wood which moves to position so the saw can trim the piece. Then the piece moves to its next position and is crossed notched by the router. Then it moves to the drill, and all the holes for the rungs drilled. These operations are done all in a line using one TigerStop and a PC with our special Multi-Tool program. Simple, affordable, and easy to implement for semi-skilled plant engineers or business owners.
Is TigerStop Easy to Install & Use?

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Almost anyone can easily install TigerStop. Just attach the unit to your machine and start using it! No special wiring or software knowledge is required. Plug it into a wall outlet and you're in business.
It is easy to use as well! TigerStop is designed to be simple to use and adaptable to your company's needs. The keypad looks like a hand-held calculator and functions in an almost identical manner. To move to a position, you enter the target value and hit the Start key. That's it! An operator can be trained in minutes.
Is TigerStop
Worth the Cost?

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Well, we certainly are not going to tell you No! You will be very surprised at how affordable TigerStop is—as much as one fifth of what other systems cost while giving you far more elegant and complete production software. We can say with confidence that the addition of a TigerStop in most applications will double the production of the machine. In certain industry-specific applications operators are reporting a quadrupling of through put. You decide.
Manuals (PDF Format)

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  on a chop saw

TigerStop Demo
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Basic TigerStops® and Specifications
TigerStop 08 Working length 10', overal length 10'                                                           Return to Machinery List
TigerStop 10 Working length 8', overal length 12'                                                               Return to Machinery List
TigerStop 12 Working length 12', overal length 14'                                                      Return to Machinery List
Working lengths:

4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 16’, 20', 22’, 24'

Overall Dimensions: 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14', 18', 22’, 24', 26' respectively
Fence Dimensions: 4.125" x 4.125"
Motor Box Dimension: 5.5 " x 4.25" x 10.75"
Power Requirements: 110v @ 15 amps, isolated circuit
Frequency: 50/60 hz
Optional Intl Power: Yes
Motor Type

DC servo with optical encoder

Drive Type:

Belt Drive

Drive Speed: Adjustable 1” ~ 35” /sec
Repeatability: ±0.004” (4/1000”)
Display Type: 2 Line High Contrast LCD
Serial Interface: Yes
Number of Saved
Cut Lists:
Total possible cut parts is just under 2 million:
2000 different sizes across 99 Cut Lists in quantities of 998 for each size. (No one cut list can have more than 1000 different sizes.
Number of Saved
Up to 99 different positioning programs can be saved and re-used.Can be used with punch presses, drills, tube benders, and other equipment for sequence positioning.
Lines of Data: 2000+
Standard Features: Multi-Offset/Allows for multiple zero points
Set Point Back Stop Mode
Kerf Compensation
Electronic zero point callibration
Full Diagnostic suite
Fully configured for push feeding
Input feet, inches, fractions, decimal inches and metric
Pattern Mode
Increment Function
Back Rabbet Compensation
Upgrade Options:

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Expanded I/O – 8 total
Bar Code Reader
Data Downloading
Label Printing
Double-ended TigerStop option
TigerCrossCut for your Sliding Table Saw

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TigerFence for your Sliding or Standard Table Saw

Watch Video of Tiger Rip Fence HERE

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Call John G. Weber Co., Inc., 920.452.4494 for a
FREE Demo DVD featuring a TigerStop with Optimizing.
You can rely on fast and accurate cuts ...every time. Over 20,000 TigerStops are in operation today, including many of our first systems manufactured in 1994. TigerStop is the world leader in automatic stop and pusher systems.
"I’ve had my TigerStop for several years. Before we bought our TigerStop, my operators had to set stops manually; we had to measure and mark parts by hand, and everyone’s cuts were different. Now with TigerStop, we can do that same job in 25% of the time with better accuracy. Then, when you add the 50% reduction in waste, I can’t imagine doing my jobs without TigerStop. It is really easy to learn and operate, too."
                                                                 --David Letourneau, Wood It Be, Inc., Newington, CT
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