International Packaging Machines Model 20/20 Wrapping Machine



Brand: International Packaging Machines, Inc.
Model: 20/20
Serial #: 96-4770
Year: 1997
Condition: Cleaned and checked[?]
Stock Number: W-173(w)

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Call: 920.452.4494

  • 120V
  • 1PH
  • 6000# capacity turntable
  • Variable speed 2-15RPM
  • 3/4 HP motor on turntable
  • Parallel shaft helical gear reducer and non-jamming endless belt
  • Turntable control "soft start" gradual acceleration and "soft stop" gradual deceleration
  • Dynamic breaking stops turntable in same position at end of wrapping cycle
  • Double 40# chain hoist powered by 1/2HP motor
  • Elevator adjustable speed from 1-300 inches/minute
  • Elevator travels 60" high
  • New card
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