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Original Saw logoAmerica's Best Radial Arm Saws - available through John G. Weber Co., Inc.
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USED Vista S-24 Upcut Saw - 10HP, 230/460V, with palm button 2-hand cycle
Price: $8,095.00      Learn More

NEW CSFS-85 - Cuz-D Circular Straight Flush Saw Versatility in your hands - use for flush cuts, undercuts, beveling, etc. Built-in rip guide, trigger-activated lower guard provides safe operation.
Price: $435.00      Learn More

USED O-1-075(w) - Pistorius ASC 12 Automatic Saw As Is. Serial Number: 167976, Modular building block design, Close tolerance cutting, Heavy duty construction, High speed production, Left hand or right hand material feed
Price: $3,950.00      Learn More

USED O-1-117(w) - Northfield #4 Table Saw Currently being cleaned and checked.  Includes #4 Biesemeyer fence.
Price: $3,450.00      Learn More

USED O-1-135(w) - Northfield #4 Heavy Duty Industrial 5 HP Table Saw Tested OK, no fence or guard included.
Price: $1,950 or Offer    Learn More

USED O-1-138(w) - Delta/Rockwell 40-440 Scroll Saw 1/3HP, 115/230V, 1 phase.
Price: $345.00    Learn More

USED O-1-139(w) - Tannewitz Model U Table Saw 240/460V, 3 phase.
Price: $2,495.00     Learn More

USED O-1-140(w) - JaFay & Egan Table Saw 5HP, 220/240V, 3 phase.
Call for Price      Learn More

USED O-1-205(w) - Powermatic 66 Table Saw As taken from service, 230V, 5HP.
Price: $1,795.00     Learn More

USED O-1-206(w) - Altendorf F45 Sliding Table Saw - As taken from service, 240V, built 1990.
Price: $4,995.00     Learn More

USED O-1-208(w) - Powermatic 65 Table Saw - As is, with Biessemeyer fence.
Price: $795.00     Learn More

USED O-1-209(w) - Powermatic 95 Scroll Saw - As is, 1/3HP, 115-230V, 1PH.
Price: $350.00     Learn More

USED O-1-210(w) - Delta 40-440 Scroll Saw - As is, 1/2HP, 208-220-440V, 3PH.
Price: $395.00     Learn More

USED O-1-211 - Midwest Automation 5033 Cutting Station - As is, 5HP, 230V, 3PH, (2) hold down clamps each side, (3) dust collection openings,router speed 23,000 RPM.
Price: $6,000.00     Learn More

USED O-1-212 - SCM Mini-Max SC3 Sliding Table Saw - As taken from service, 22" x 23" fixed table, max. length of cross-cut 51", 50" max. cutting width, blade capacity 10".
Price: $2,950.00     Learn More

USED O-2-043(w) - Hasko SR-24 Gang Rip Saw As taken from service, 75HP, 240/480V, 3 phase.
Price: $24,950.00      Learn More

USED O-2-044(w) - Hasko SR-24 Gang Rip Saw As taken from service, 75HP, 240/480V, 3 phase.
Price: $24,950.00      Learn More

NEW P400E - Cantek P400E Programmable Sliding Table Saw 7.5HP main motor, 1HP scoring motor, 230V, 3Ph, 60 Hz.
Price: $16,950.00      Learn More

NEW PCM508 - Cantek PCM-508 Pneumatic Cut-off Saw For angular cutting with up to 20" blade.
Price: $13,995.00      Learn More

NEW PMI-18 - PMI-CNC 18 MDS Auto Sawing and Machining Center - Provides high speed sawing and machining in a single setup!
See our product page for more information. Learn More

USED P-1-098(w) - Northtech CFS-18R Saw 10HP belted motor driver arbor motor, 3,200 RPM, 220/440V, 3 phase.
Price: $2,595.00       Learn More

USED P-1-106(w) - Industrial 0500RH Upcut Saw As taken from service, 5HP, 3 phase.
Price: $995.00       Learn More

USED P-1-107(w) - Whirlwind 212L Upcut Saw As taken from service, 10HP, 240V, 3 phase.
Price: $3,995.00       Learn More

REFURBISHED P-1-109(w) - Whirlwind 212L Upcut Saw Refurbished in 2019, feeds material from right to left, 10HP, 220V.
Price: $5,750.00       Learn More

USED P-1-112 - Omga T421OPT Cut-off Saw As taken from service, 7HP, 3Ph, saw blade diameter 16", saw blade bore 30mm.
Price: $8,950.00    Learn More

USED P-1-116(w) - Whirlwind 212L Upcut Saw - As taken from service, 10HP, 20/230/460V, 3Ph, saw blade diameter 18", guard and AIK included, can be removed for additional cost.
Price: $3,350.00      Learn More

USED - Whirlwind 12' Tables - (2) tables, (1) with stainless steel rollers, (1) without rollers, includes (2) legs and (8) adjustable stops, and rule bar
Price: $1,037.00 Learn More

USED P-2-053(w) - Delta/Rockwell 33-382 Radial Arm Saw As taken from service, 230V, 5HP.
 Price: $700.00       Learn More

REFURBISHED P-3-035(w) - Pistorius MN-300 Double Cut Miter Saw Model MN-300, cleaned and checked. 1.5HP, 208V, 1 phase
 From $3,995.00      Learn More

USED P-3-056(w) - Makita LS1440 14" Miter Saw Cleaned and checked. 110V, 1 phase
 From $579.00      Learn More

USED P-3-067(w) - Pistorius MN-102 Double Miter Saw Model MN-102, rebuilt. 1.5HP, 200/230/460V, 3 phase
 Price: $4,995.00       Learn More

REFURBISHED P-3-068(w) - Pistorius MN-102 Double Miter Saw Model MN-102, rebuilt. 1.5HP, 230V, 3 phase.
 Price: $4,995.00       Learn More

USED Q-2-011(w) - Wadkin EEC Industrial Vertical Re-Saw Cleaned & checked, 220V, 3Ph.
 Price: $4,495.00       Learn More

NEW TR1000 - TigerStop TigerRip 1000 - NEW! TigerRip 1000™ is the lean, rip first, add-on solution for your rough mill needs. This straight line rip saw solution can be purchased as an entire turn-key system, or can be retrofit to your existing saw, giving you the benefits of much larger and expensive systems.
Call for Pricing      Learn More

USED - W-228(w) - TigerStop TS12 Working length 12', 14' overall length, plastic rollers, 5.5 version controller.
Price: $7,750.00 or offer Learn More

USED TigerStop TS12 110V, 1PH, working length 12', 14' overall length.
Price: $4,550.00 Learn More

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