Fletcher Profile Foiling SystemM-35 PROFILE FOILER
The FM-35 Foiler is equipped with shaping units, sanding units and a double wheel foiling head. The FM-35 is designed for single sided profile foiling operations and quick setup.

The FM-45 Foiler is equipped with shaping units, sanding units and multiple double wheel foiling heads. The FM-45 is designed for high speed single sided profile foiling operations and quick setup.

Double Wheel Foiling Units
The FM-200 Double Sided Foiler can be equipped with shaping and sanding combinations and up to four double wheel foiling units for high speed foiling operations. The FM-200 DS Foilers can be equipped with the F.A.S.T. CNC setup system for full CNC setups in less than 30 seconds.

CNC Dual Head Foiling Units
Fletcher’s dual head foiling units effectively double the foiling speed of conventional foilers. Up to four (4) double head foiling units can be applied to each side of an FM-200 double sided foiler.

Oval, serpentine, and other random parts with limited shaped edges are foiled with precision by the FM-85. You can simply change the patterns and wheels to accommodate different edges and profiles.

The FM-203 Bluff Cut Foiler is equipped with overhead shaping units, sanding units and foiling heads. The Bluff Cut System is designed for machining a grove in panels and foiling the grooved profile automatically.

Fletcher FM-87 Molding FoilerThe FM-87 Molding Foiler is a single or multi-wheel molding foiler designed for picture frame and molding manufacturers. Its precision application has made it one of Fletcher's most popular machines. It is available standard with 1-6 foiling wheels.

Features include power feed roller(s) that move the stock under the silicone-covered wheel(s) with a variable speed drive. A precision heat sensor maintains constant temperature on the shaped silicone wheel(s). Each foil unwind has tension adjustment knobs, and a corresponding foil rewind spool is also part of the FM-87.

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