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Stanza Machine logo NEW - STM Series Panel Line Designed to roll coat finish a full range of panel products up to 48" wide.
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USED D-1-009 - Sorbini T/20 SP1 Roller Coater Single head differential roller coater, 51" width capacity, all functions PLC controlled.
Price: $34,000.00 Learn More

USED D-1-010 - Sorbini T/20 M Single Head Roller Coater 400V, 3PH, refurbished like new.
Price: $54,000.00 Learn More

USED D-1-011 - Giardina Baby Single Head Roll Coater 5HP, 380V, 3PH, refurbished in 2016.
Price: $21,600.00 Learn More

USED D-3-020 - Cefla Easy 2000-D Spray Machine Two oscillating spray gun arms, carbon fiber conveyor belt, overspray filtration system to control the air flow inside the machine for maximized spraying quality and higher transfer efficiency.
Price: $114,000.00 Learn More

USED D-3-021 - Falconi/Cefla Unospray 1300 15HP, 400V, 3PH, fully disassembled, repained, and reassembled, like new.
Price: $90,000.00 Learn More

USED D-3-022 - Falconi/Cefla Kleenspray 400V, 3PH, with panel cleaner and conveyor.
Price: Call for Pricing Learn More

USED D-3-023 - Cefla Rotostain 400V, 3PH
Price: $150,000.00 Learn More

USED D-6-027(w) - LAARs Gas-Fired Boiling System, 2 Million BTU, Piping Complete system with tanks and accessories.
Price: $6,950.00      Learn More

USED D-6-032(w) - Giardina Vacuum Coater Over $40,000 in parts and service!
Price: $25,000.00    Learn More

USED D-6-035 - Sorbini SmartEdge Coater 400V, 3PH, designed to prepare the substrate with multiple sanding heads, apply a UV filter coat, a UV top coat, and dry.
Price: Call for Pricing Learn More

USED D-6-036 - Cefla Del Vedove CVS3 Vacuum Coater System 30HP, 480V, 3PH, the typical application for this system is clear coats on mouldings (2 passes: 1-sealer, 2-top coat) at speeds between 60 and 100FPM.
Price: $66,000.00 Learn More

USED D-6-038 - Quaranta Glass Washing/Drying Machine - for washing and drying large sheets of glass, max. width - 1,300 mm, smallest piece 250 x 100 mm.
Price: $24,000.00 Learn More

USED D-6-039 - Superfici Top Spray 1300 Spray Machine - As is, 400V, 50Hz, 1,300 mm.
Price: $66,250.00 Learn More

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