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NEW JDT-65 - CANTEK JDT65 Manual Dovetail Machine Ideal for drawer production and furniture parts which require high quality dovetail joints. Max. workpiece size 59" x 16 ½". Workpieces are clamped by air clamps. Enclosed-type stand. Equipped with an indication bar for indicating cutting position. Tenon width can be micro-metrically adjusted in 2 mm. More specifications available within listing.
Price: $4,820.00      Learn More

NEW JDT-75 - CANTEK JDT75 Automatic Dovetail Machine 21500 RPM spindle rotation for an extremely fine finish on dovetail joints. High RPM spindle allows for precision machining of plywood & solid drawer sides. Independent adjustment of both the tenon and the mortise depth for precise fitting of dovetail joints. Dust hood for milling cutter. Safety rail located in front of spindle motor.      YouTube video
Price: $9,930.00      Learn More

NEW OM-650-A - OMEC 650-A Dovetailer - Automatic Numerical Control Machine for  Dovetail Joints The two-axis automatic mill cutter with numerical control, OMEC 650-A, is designed to indent dovetails and parallel indents for drawers and several furniture elements. Model 650-A is equipped with a spindle and a mill cutter that allow the production of indents of different heights. The machine is designed to cut single male or female workpieces, or both simultaneously.       YouTube Video
Price: $19,649.00      Learn More

NEW OM-750 - OMEC 750CN Dovetailer - Automatic Milling Machine The automatic milling machine OMEC 750 is utilized to indent dovetails for drawers and various furniture elements. The machine is equipped with a mill spindle which allows machining of indents of adjustable height.
Price: $29,826.00    Learn More

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