Denray Dust Funnel


Single Unit (42") - $1,950
Triple Unit (10.5') - $5,850

 Is blowing dust off your CNC Routers and other machines getting an excessive amount of airborne dust into your factory? The Denray Dust Funnel is made to capture blow-off dust and funnel into your dust collection system.

  • Each section is 42" wide
  • With hinges attached, a plywood bridge allows lifting up to any router (see below)
  • 1,500CFM required per section (single unit)
  • A triple unit (10.5') requires 3,000 - 3,500 CFM
  • Width is limited by how many units you can put together
  • Each unit requires a 5" intake hose
  • Additional option: For a powerful backdraft suction of airborne dust from the router, 10,000 CFM is required for 3 sections, with an 8" inlet on each section

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Dust funnel 3-sections w/bridge
Dust funnel - 3 sections with OSB bridge

Call: 920.452.4494

Denray Dust Funnel sectionSingle unit

Three units Denray Dust Funnel triple sections


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