Belfab RG Series

Introducing the Belfab RG Series

The RG series is an enclosed modular dust collector equipped with a continuous pulse jet cleaning system, with capacities ranging from 1500 to 5000 CFM.

- Designed for safe interior installation
- Suitable for wide belt sanders and moulders
- Energy efficient
- Extremely quiet operation
- Meets North American safety regulations



  • Automatic pulse jet cleaning system
  • 14 cu. ft. plastic tilt truck dust disposal system
  • Automatically activated with the start of your shop's equipment
  • Premium efficiency TEFC motor
  • Lockable control panel for maintenance
  • Fan located on the clean side
  • CSAus approved
  • Operator-friendly interface
    • Power consumption
    • Amperage in real-time
    • Filter differential static pressure
    • CFM in real-time
    • Status alarms
    • Maintenance warnings
    • Easy start/stop buttons

Belfab BEL Enclosureless Dust Collector

BEL Enclosureless Dust Collector

The BEL Series enclosureless dust collector is an industrial small capacity system generating up to 5000CFM, available in single or three phases. Designed to collect particles from coarse to mixed sizes generated by wood machines operating intermittently or continuously. Recommended for applications involving one or two machines in a small shop, or in larger facilities where a stand alone solution is necessary.


  • 9' or 11' high compact design
  • 1800 RPM fan
  • 5000CFM @ 8.0" WC
  • 10 or 15HP blower motor
  • Filtration surface: 227.96 - 470.03 sq. ft.
  • Sound level: under 81 dB
  • Disposal capacity -
    • Bel 100/100XL: (2) 105 gal.
    • Bel 150/150 XL: (3) 105 gal.
  • High-efficiency beane bag filter bags with efficiency level 99.99% between 3.8 and 4.6 microns
  • Configured for push application only
  • Disposable plastic bags with quick clamps
  • Optional Magnetic Starter
  • Dust Disposal Options:
    • Bags (Standard)
    • Steel drums
    • Plastic tilt trucks
Belfab BA1800C Industrial Air Cleaner
Belfab BA1800C Industrial Air Cleaner

¾ HP, 115V – 10 Amp (Single phase), 1800 CFM, 76 dB

Belfab 3672DT Downdraft Table
Belfab 3672DT Downdraft Table

(2) ¾ HP blowers, 3600 CFM, 76 dB

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