AutoTEMP 2000 Template Making System


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Brand: CNC Technology
Model: AutoTEMP 2000
Stock Number: AT2000

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Everything you need to cut perfect templates - all in one low costpackage. AutoTEMP system makes the template making process quicker and easier than ever. With 2 different machines to pick from, the AutoTEMP CNC Router is the perfect machine for template making. When combined with the AutoTEMP controller software, custom designed for template making, you have a system that will provide you with accurate, ready-to-grind templates, time after time.

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Now you can watch a video clip of the machine cutting a template!

High Resolution (faster connections)
Low Resolution (dial-up connections)

What's Included

AutoTEMP 2000 Template Making System
AutoTEMP 2000 Template Making System

  • AutoTEMP CNC Router
  • TurboCAD
  • 450 moulding profiles predrawnClick here for more details
  • Windows XP/7/8 Cam Software
  • Full length, multi-size clamping system
  • High Speed Router
  • Automatic Router on/off
  • Toll Free Technical Support

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We have prepared an interactive demonstration of our COMPLETE SYSTEM from template...including videos and screenshots of machines in action.

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